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Let’s create a loving space free of judgment, not only of others but of yourself!

Welcome to a safe space to get information to take and make your own.

I have created a world for myself and others free from depression, anxiety, stress, guilt, loneliness, & constant mind chatter.  

Through simple tools, you can develop into your own and slip into your normal day-to-day living to provide you with more time & energy in your life. 

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What is Meditation?

Definition of Meditation

"Focus one's mind for a period of time,​

in silence or with the aid of chanting for religious or spiritual purposes


as a method of relaxation." ​

"Think Deeply about something."

-Oxford English Dictionary ​

We "should do" so many things, but who has the time? 

Even the things we know are good for us and create us to thrive. 

We are all different, and we need different assistance. 

With the concept of meditation in mind, 

we have created simple life hacks to keep you in a state of awareness & consciousness, 

simple things you can slowly learn to incorporate into your life without changing anything physically, 

just a different perception. 

My Story 

Living a happy, content life, I never thought it would take losing so much to find so much more.
From a young age, I have always wondered if there was more? What else is out there?
I have always had a knowing, an intuition a spark, and a faith that there is more!
I Now know that possibilities are endless, and how to harness the law of attraction and use it for so much more.
After spending 12 years of my adult life hoping for, my career to make me feel like I have accomplished something great, a relationship that would make me feel worthy of love, and friendships that go with the crowd instead of lifting me up.
It took getting MS: having to step away from a career, that I built up over my working life, by following the grain and the rules working hard, and going the extra mile. Going through so many, to find the one who will, not only stand by my side but hold it up when It sags and droops and tell me no one noticed. Realizing the energy you put into others will not be returned if those friends are not on the same journey as you.
At age 30 I was diagnosed with MS, and needless to say, It changed everything I thought I knew about myself, it drove me to reassess my Values, and take the time to find what I’m passionate about. Been blessed with our daughter a month after my 31st birthday, and just like that, a year went past, in a blink of an eye, my new normal was now, just something of normal living. But with the grey cloud that is MS hanging over me, not knowing what, when, or if I was going to have another relapse. I started to search for More, and it began with meditation. Trying to find things to help keep my anxiety in check, become a full time job, After meditation, I was introduced to access Consciousness, by a friend I am endlessly grateful for her presence in my life, and found the passion of nail art, and all this lead to so much more…
35 and life was great, someone might say I lost so much with my second relapse which saw me hospitalized and paralyzed on my right side, but I genuinely feel that it gave me so much as well.
No matter what you lose or gain, the right mindset can change everything and anything, so I hope you are in a place to align with me more.


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