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All the ways you could Win me!

Social Media Entries

It's giveaway time!!! It's been a well-earned break, and I've clicked over the two-year mark, so it's time to celebrate.

To enter this giveaway, read the following;

(Stands not included) But what there is;

- Jasper 10mm studs

- Singing Bowl, Cousion, striker.

- USB LED lamp with Selenite Plate.

- 7 Chakra Crystals

- Carnelian 6mm Studs

- Citrine Triangle Studs

- Turquoise 10mm Studs

- Ametrine Drop earrings (either silver or gold)

- Tourmaline Clear Quartz Hoop Earrings

- Green Agate Pendant and Chain

- Native American Oracle Cards

- Selenite Rod and Tower.

All jewellery is sterling silver, gold plated or surgical steel, all hypoallergenic.

Drawn Monday the 4th of March 2024

Good Luck x

Shipping covered for New Zealand only,

any other countries will be liable for shipping if they win x

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The competition will be drawn on the 4th of March. 
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