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Updated: Feb 13

Anxiety is when you are not listening because you don't know how to listen.

Not in touch with yourself, not following your knowing, and overthinking.

Our brain's emotions tend to take over and are made up of anxiety, anger, jealousy, and so on.

The problem with this is that the brain is trying to make something more complex and complicated when it is simple most of the time. When we listen to the body, we can feel genuine emotion and acknowledge what it is telling us.

If we go to the brain, it will blow it out of proportion and try categorising it into something it isn't. This is how anxiety is formed, guessing from too many options and taking us away from the awareness of the moment. Often my anxiety was the body telling me I was excited.

My brain was confused about what my body was feeling and creating scenarios of what it might be. Now I agree and show gratitude; it's not confusing. Happy, sadness, love, excitement (adrenaline/Happy), inner peace, and frustration (adrenaline, overstimulation) are emotions of the body.

However, we don't want trapped energy in the body. Instead, we experience it and release it.

Feet for heavy or sad, top of the head for excitement and lifting.

Other tools;

  1. Stand still, ask yourself the question, Lean forward, yes. Back, it's a no,

  2. Lifting feeling in the body, yes. Heavy lowering, no.

Remember, everything passes. In the moment, it's fleeting and only has the energy you give it. When you have anxiety, shut down your thinking, remind yourself you are ok and focus on each moment intently. If you are struggling, order a one-on-one today to talk it through.

What, if anything, makes you anxious?

Share your experiences in the comments!

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