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Being the watcher, a time to focus.

Updated: Feb 13

In life, we are constantly on the go, society demands it of us, and we allow it.

The only person who can truly change your situation is you.

If you are looking outwardly, then it is in vain.

You can not control other people's choices.

Inner growth is the way out of this.

Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others?

Are you judging them on their choices and behaviour?

As Ed Sheeran said, "life is more than fittin in your jeans."

It's time to CHOOSE and FOCUS.

When we choose something different, we signal that what we are doing doesn't work.

It's the gateway to something new.

We are constantly drained and pulled everywhere because we allow it.

The first step is to gain an understanding you aren't you're thinking. You're the energy.

Now we are going to move it.

If you are a constant thinker, you are feeding your brain (a tool, a part of the body) a continuous energy source.

We want to intercept it and gain back control.

It's a game, have fun.

The link is between your brain and a gland called the penial gland.

A flat, slug-looking organ underneath the brain.

It is behind the eyes and connected to the third eye.

It is the home of your energy, and it is the driving seat for your vessel.

The goal is to pull the energy down into this gland, behind the eyes, and into the control seat.

From here, we watch and try not to react and instead be calm, centred, and focused on what is happening.

Master this, and you can focus on anything.

The choice is yours.

Can you name a time when you chose inner peace and balance over taking the bait? How did it make you feel? Put it in the comments x

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