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Finding our tribe

Updated: Mar 10

It's important to find our tribe, our people.

I hope to some degree, that includes your spouse, but it is often other people as well.

These people you share everything with are the top 7 people you spend most of your time and energy on.

Now, this is not a time for wishful thinking this is hard facts.

Besides children, who do you give your time?

If you are lucky enough to have seven, then they are the ones who influence you the most. They are the ones that help form your vibration.

If it's less, then focus on them; there is no wrongness. If you want more, put it out there and ask for people of a higher vibration.

Hold your high vibration and shine bright, and they will come when the time is right.

Do they lift your vibration or lower it?

If the answer is lower, it's possibly time for a reshuffle, reorganise and reprioritise.

It is a choice where we spend our energy, and I am telling you, it is easy to get sucked into the lower-vibration drama cycle.

It is the easy way, but by no measure is it rewarding.

You haven't done the work; why should there be rewards?

Just more of what you focus on and allow, drama?

If you don't like your story rewrite it.

A healthy support crew is essential, and I urge you to bring them on this journey.

Instead of focusing on the issue, suddenly, you start to focus on growth and new possibilities, and it is the most rewarding thing to have people in your corner helping keep each other on track.

You then start to really incorporate these things into your life because it is always harder to see what is happening from the inside.

When you all have the same tools, you lift each other up and aid in times when we can't see often; they can.

I can't stress enough how important good support crews are, and you are talking anyway; why not?

I always say it, but as Elenor Roosevelt said, small minds focus on people, medium minds events, and great minds ideas.

We can discuss ideas and new possibilities and get a focus and a drive that leads you to find your passion.

The question is;

What mind are you currently choosing to be when interacting? What mind will you choose to be?
Who would you choose to take on the ride?
If your vibration changes and you fly high, who would you wish you brought?

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