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Journaling Bootcamp Week 2

Day 8 – Bad days

Bad days are the worst, but unfortunately, they will pop up in our lives for many different reasons; how we navigate them and process them is an integral part of keeping ourselves conscious. Journaling about the bad days can help you get insight into how you deal with these things.

Don't hold back and let out how it makes you feel and how you responded to it; looking back on it can help you discover how you handled the situation and whether there are parts of yourself you need to work on.

Day 9 – Gratitude

As we already know, gratitude is fundamental.

I will keep this short; every time you write in your journal, add your gratitude, whether in a good or bad situation; finding gratitude can create so much more.

Day 10 – Triggers

Writing out our triggers can help bring insight into why they trigger us. Keep a clear mind when you write about them and let the reasoning behind them flow through. Read them over to understand them; most of the time, when we do this, it is easier to look at it from an outside perspective.

Day 11 - Food Journal

Writing a food journal is about tracking what you eat every day. This will be good for you if you are trying to change your eating habits and create a healthier lifestyle.

Write down everything you eat, go back, and look over it. Are you happy with your choices? Are there changes you would like to make? Is it too much food? Is it too little? Are you eating enough fruit and vegetables?

Day 12 – Track your day-to-day life

This is great for looking back at what you did and when you did it; sometimes, having a timeline of your life can be fun to look back on. It can seem mundane, especially when you feel like your days are repetitive.

Here are some simple questions to answer to make it easier

What did you do today? Did anything exciting happen?

Who did you speak to or see today?

How was your mood today?

Did you stay focused and conscious?

Day 13 – Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are when you decide clearly that something is right or wrong. What if that wasn't the case at all? This is just limiting the opportunities that could be presented to you. Journaling about these things can help you have an open mind and an open point of view. It is not in our best interests to create conclusions about things. Removing these limiting beliefs can create new possibilities. You create your reality.

Prompt: What are some things you possibly have as a limited belief?

A good example is believing you are too old or young to do something.

Day 14 – People who have inspired you

Throughout our lives, we come across people who inspire us; these people impact who we are and the path we take in a positive light. You know who those people are.

Prompt: How has this person/people inspired your path? What can you take and use in your own life?

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