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Journaling Bootcamp Week 4

Day 22 – Autopilot

We all get stuck in our autopilot sometimes, and with this, we can create bad habits for ourselves. An excellent way to see these bad habits is by reflecting on yourself and writing them down. You can even create a plan for yourself to try and change the bad habits into good habits, which is about redirecting the autopilot to benefit you.

Prompt: What are some bad habits you have? What good habits would you like to replace them with?

Day 23 – Monumental Moments

We all have moments in our life where we celebrate and have fun. Write about them, what were they? A milestone birthday, a wedding, the birth of a child, how did it make you feel? How has it changed your life or influenced you?

Day 24 – Meditation

As we know, meditation is an excellent tool for relaxation and stress relief. Sometimes when we meditate, we can have profound experiences; keep a journal of these experiences, compare them, go over them and take the messages from them; they could very well help you in your life.

Day 25 – Regrets

Most of us have regrets, but it is important not to dwell on these. They happened, and you can not change them; what you can do now is learn from them and let them go. An excellent way to do that is to release them by forgiving yourself and anyone else involved. Please write them down, let out all your feelings around them, and set them free.

Day 26 – AH HA Moments

Sometimes in life, we have moments where everything seems to all of a sudden make sense. An epiphany or a moment of clarity. These moments are important and worth noting; keep them in your journal to remember and help cement them in your life.

Day 27 – Revisiting

Don't forget to revisit your journals; it doesn't matter how long it has been. Reading the entries in a different head space can help give you better insight into who you are.

Day 28 - Conclusion

Congratulations on making it to the end of the journaling Bootcamp. I hope you have managed to spend some time journaling and got something out of it. Good luck on the rest of your journaling journey, and remember, if you have any questions or anything you would like to share, reach out.

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