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Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Restore the balance of light & dark,

Cleanse & release restrained holds

From beginning to manifested & beyond

Balance makes up a stable universe; there wouldn't be progress without it as it creates flow. In a universe full of energies, the balance of that which is light & that which is dark.

Without the dark, there is no light.

It helps promote a world where we can simultaneously be in the physical and from another realm.

Cleanse everything, and often, we want to keep the energy flowing, connecting, and changing; this happens with cleansing.

We release it so that the energy doesn't become stagnant.

Restrained holds are those that imprint on us. They leave a mark, and it is essential to understand and release them as sometimes these things become rooted, so we remove the hold they have on us.

From the beginning is the point of creation; that is where it starts.

As we continue and touch on the physical plane, that has been manifested into reality.

And beyond is the limitless space and dimensions of all the universes.

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