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The Basics

Building a foundation is the best way to create a path forward & knowledge is the key to that.

We take breathing for granted, but we are often oblivious that this is the best homing beckon you will ever come across.

No matter the situation concentrating on the breath is the fastest way into the now—breathing techniques where we focus on specific second counts.

Box breath: Breathe in for 4, hold for 4, and breathe out for 4; this is one of our favorites; but there are many different techniques, and they help with stress, anxiety & much more.

Meditation is the concept of focusing one's attention on one thing. So we can create different tasks that concentrate just on the body's feelings while doing this act & not have an active thinking brain allowing health, wealth & love to flow to you quickly.

When we are aware of the present moment, we are free, not trapped in brain emotions, anxiety, guilt, anger, frustration, etc.

The present moment is the goal; we do this by detaching ourselves from the identity we have formed with the brain.

Tapping is another great hack people resonate with, the concept of tapping out the old and in the new.

We detach from the brain with information, and we begin to watch to brain from the outside until we gain control slowly but surely.

The brain will try at every turn to regain control. The more we focus on the now, the less power it has and the longer we sustain it.

Illness or bodily injury can create difficulties in levels of control, but reprogramming the autopilot with authority makes these moments easier with time.

Gratitude is vital, have gratitude for the moments you catch the brain, not negative thoughts for not seeing it sooner.

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