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The Moon

What's the deal with the moon?

Our bodies are made up of 60% water.

What does the moon affect? The tides!

The moon's gravitational pull will pull us as the tides change.

There are basic principles to create fundamental momentum in your life due to being able to swim with the tides, not against them.

Here are the basics, but as time continues, watch for updates.

New Moon

Manifesting your dreams can be accelerated on the new moon. Let your dreams grow with the moon!

To manifest things, we set an intention and take small steps toward the goal. Writing down your intentions is vital; this creates a physical form for the intention. This path is open to you; now is the time to create new possibilities or strengthen existing ones. Be aware of others' vibrations and those that mean to lower yours. Be open to new adventures.

Full Moon

Dark Moon

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