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What are they?

Crystals are naturally occurring gemstones believed to hold specific healing properties and aid us in day-to-day life.

A small number of crystals are synthetic or man-made but are often made from parts of other crystals or at least made with a purpose.

Anything infused with an intention will hold some imprint of this energy.

And if all else fails, they are beautiful to look at.

Most cultures throughout history have some element of crystals within their History.

During my journey with illness, I found that they aided in many different challenges I faced.

To accompany each crystal, there is a link to each available product.


Please read through the crystals and their properties without judgment and try to find the one that stands out to you.

This may be by look or properties, but we can all do with a selection of instincts as to what our bodies indicate we need the most.


Black Onyx is a protective stone. It can help shield us from others' energy, and it's a godsend in a crowd or hospitals. It aids in healing past traumas and will reduce the things we fear. It will provide stability and allow us to quickly see a way out of negative situations. It can ground and soothe us with the bonus of absorbing lower vibrations.


This crystal is extremely powerful and well-known. It is very protective of our energy making it a must-have. It helps us focus and feel scattered. It has a very high spiritual vibration and is connected to the third eye. It helps raise our consciousness and is meant to help sober us if drinking.



A powerful crystal malachite will amplify negative or positive energy so be aware of your mood. It is also believed to help with menstrual issues. It can cleanse the Chakras and enhance our immune system. Malachite can assist us with auto-pilot response when trying to break bad habits.


With the ability to help cleanse the lymphatic system, Sodalite is an excellent aid for detoxing.

It helps the digestion system and balances our metabolisms.

It can cleanse the Throat Chakra and help the throat, larynx, and vocal cords.

Aids in reducing fluid and lowering blood pressure.


If you need to enhance your communication skills, Turquoise is for you.

Enhancing the physical and psychic immune is an excellent stone heading into the spiritual realm. It can assist us with a divine connection and provide solace for our spirit and well-being for the body.


A Crystal that holds colours and layers, it is a fantastic asset to any collection.

It can clear negative energy and brings emotional and physical balance.

Agate is very grounding, drawing our energy from the thinking and promoting self-acceptance and self-love.


Possessing all the properties of the Agate and more. A great tool!

It heals and activates the Throat Chakra, helping to counteract repressed feelings.

In addition, it can help clear blockages within the body.


Citrine can cleanse and balance the body and all the Chakras.

It can energize our Aura, creating a powerful cleanser and restorer.

It is the stone of abundance and can help us with manifestation.


The stone to those suffering from anxiety, a loving crystal, can help us find resolutions in negative situations.

Great for the Heart chakra and emotional recovery, it can also aid us in these times by reducing electromagnetic pollution and helping with overstimulation.


A beautiful stone, the tiger's eye is believed to possess the energy of the Sun and the Earth, raising vibrations and grounding us.

It will help us categorise and sort our wants from our needs.

Activating the Lower Chakras and the Kundalini.


Selenite naturally raises the vibration of those in its presence.

It promotes peace and clarity connecting us with angelic realm.

Placed in the corners of the home, it can promote a calm atmosphere free of outside influences.

Selenite has the ability to cleanse other crystals, resetting them from any energies that may be attached.

You must NOT get it WET!


This beautiful crystal can help bring you to the present moment by balancing the brain's and body's energy.

Excellent if you are fearful of death and can aid in overcoming abusive trauma.

It balances the Base chakra and helps regulate the metabolism.

In addition, Carnelian can cleanse other crystals.

A must-have to any collection.


Excellent for the Thymus gland to aid in our immune and deeper spiritual awareness.

It protects the Heart chakra as well as aids the Throat.

It can amplify leadership qualities and decisiveness.


A very spiritual stone, it is used to create a divine connection.

It will raise the consciousness of those that possess it.

It can heal past life trauma that you may be carrying and elevates guilt, lightening your load.


The mother of the grounding stone, jasper, can help balance the energy in the body by grounding out the negative.

It aligns all the Chakras and can clear electromagnetic pollution.

It will help align our physical and mental bodies.


It is believed to balance our Yin and Yang energies helping flow both masculine and feminine energy.

It relieves stress and old emotions, clearing the way and improving memory and concentration.

It can help spark creativity and get those creative juices flowing.


A stone of protection, it balances our Base chakra and protects our spirit and energy.

It can aid those troubled by nightmares.

It can strengthen the senses and assist with mental or physical stresses.


Clearing and activating the Heart Chakra, Rhodonite is an excellent crystal in times of emotional turmoil.

It balances our emotions as well as grounds us.

It can help deflect insults and aid emotional shock and panic.


Holding playful energy Opalite can provide a fun ride, creating an optimistic outlook on life.

It can build inner resilience allowing unimportant issues to fall away.

It promotes peace and tranquillity.


It will balance the Throat, Third Eye, and Crown chakra.

This allows a way for calm existence enabling you to express yourself.

It also paves the way for further self-acceptance.


It releases stress creating a strong vibration of serenity.

Brings inner self knowledge and helps balance imbalances in the body and mind.

Opens the third eye and balances the throat chakra.

A powerful spiral enlightenment aid it aids in the spiritual journey and physic abilities.


The Most powerful healing stone clear quartz clears energy in all forms restoring balance.

It restores our energy creating a deep soul cleansing.

It raises our energy and our vibration increasing our ability to concentrate and be conscious.


The Crystal of love.

It promotes unconditional love and infinite peace.

Clearing the Heart chakra can turn negative energy into loving energy.

It can provide inner healing and self-love.

Great for grief and heartache.


Holding the property of Quartz plus something a little more.

Promoting inner confidence is a great companion in a new situation or adventure.

Regulation of the body's energies is an excellent reset button crystal.


All of the above Quartz properties it all that and more.

the added bonus of this crystal is the cosmic powers it holds.

Astro travel, light work, channelling work and all of the above are aided by this crystal.

It filters negative energy and helps in times of council.


Holding the properties of quartz but aimed towards clearing negativity.

It is very grounding and takes lower vibes while raising the collective vibration.

It can absorb electromagnetic energies restoring balance.

It can also ease stress, which is a must-have crystal.


Holding the properties of clear quartz also promotes spiritual growth.

Filtering negativity can aid us with our fears and phobias.

When it comes to healing, it can be great for the respiratory tract.


It holds all the properties of clear quartz with some pretty special bonuses.

Excellent for solving problems and releasing tension, it is a great companion in tricky situations.

It turns negative into positive and is very grounding.

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